About Me

I am Dr. Nisa Darroux, and I would love to partner with you as you navigate your dissertation journey.

 I completed my masters and doctoral degrees at Liberty University, Virginia, in the USA. My course of study was Community Care and Counselling – Marriage and Family. My doctoral research was a qualitative phenomenological study.

I have always had an interest in people’s stories, their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about issues. It was therefore a foregone conclusion that once I started pursuing doctoral studies that I would do a qualitative study. I was the first in my class to finish my dissertation and earn my doctoral degree. I passed my final dissertation defense without having any revisions or recommendations from my dissertation committee.

While working on my study I mentored and supported my peers helping them to move through to proposal and final defense. I shared with them the strategies that I used to help me make progress in my writing. I also helped by providing feedback on their chapters, checking for APA formatting, formulating research and interview questions, refining methodology and completing the discussion and conclusion chapters.

I was asked by my dissertation chair to provide a video of my final defense as well as copies of IRB documents to be used as exemplars for my peers. I also created a 19- point tip sheet of things to consider and check for when writing a dissertation. This resource has been extremely helpful to all who have used it. While supporting my peers I discovered that I had a passion for working with individuals writing their dissertation. Hearing that someone I worked with successfully defended their proposal and final defense proved to be quite fulfilling. 

Based on this experience I decided to start
Your Dissertation Consultant.
It is my honor to help you achieve your dream of completing your dissertation. Together, we can!
Dr. Nisa Darroux